Collab Means “Collections Laboratory & Collaboration”

At our core, we believe in partnering with our customers to provide them with smart payment solutions. Through industry relationships, we help to provide accurate, secure, real-time data about their debt recovery needs, as well as their customers’ repayment issues.

KYC compliant

45 Years’ Experience

In the credit collections industry

BEE Level

Level 2 BEE Rated

51% Black owned and managed

30% Black women owned

Our Focus

Affordable, Fair & Sustainable Financial Services

Collab is looking to expand beyond being a traditional debt collections unit to a B2B2C ecosystem that solves the Radical Transformative Purpose of financial inclusivity. We have been dealing with the symptom of the problem, Collab is looking at projects that will deal with the cause.
Affordable, Fair & Sustainable Financial Services

Our History

2009 – 2013

Solution Provider For The Credit Industry

We became a fully-fledged Solution provider to the Credit Industry which necessitated a name change to Law Credit with 13 major South African bank and retail customers.

The Birth Of Collab2

Management buyout of the Collections business and Collab2 was born.

Cloud-Based Debt Collections

We welcomed and partnered with Alistair Arendse, and his company, Creditivity. With his help, the company was able to evolve and offer cloud-based debt collection software, DebtCloud, that could be accessed anywhere, anytime and from any device.
2016 – 2017

Level 2 BEE

Our belief in the power of collaboration, led us to make our employees shareholders, which gave us a Level 2 BEE rating, and has allowed us to create a bouquet of niche solutions that are scalable  and adaptable to any organisation … no matter its size.

Getting us closer to fulfilling our vision of “technology as an enabler”.

Start Doing Debt Collection Differently

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